About Henley-On-Mersey

9.30am - 3.30pm ... 26th January, Bells Parade, Latrobe, TAS

Some Details

WHEN? 26th January, 9.30am until 3.30pm (Australia Day)
WHERE? Bells Parade, Latrobe, Tasmania (Australia)
COST? $5.00 adult, $1.00 children, Under 5 & ferrets FREE!
PHONE? 03 6426 1442


Established in 1911, Henley-on-Mersey is the Latrobe Municipality's focus at Bell's Parade, Latrobe for Australia Day on January 26 from 9.30am until 3.30pm.

This event which is coordinated by the Henley-on-Mersey Management Committee, a collaboration by the Rotary Club of Latrobe, Lions Club of Latrobe and Latrobe Council.

Ferret racing, a highlight at Henley-on-Mersey, creates great excitement and anticipation amongst the audience but is also steeped in tradition when ferrets were used to farm rabbits.

The practice was that a ferret would be placed down a hole and with due fervor seek out the rabbits which would try and escape through another outlet only to be caught by a net over that exit. Legend has it that many farming properties in the district were originally purchased thanks to the efforts of ferrets and the resulting rabbit pelt income.

At Henley-on-Mersey, the ferrets are placed in a specially constructed course in which the ferret has the ability to see daylight in sections, manoeuvre over different surfaces and even turn around, with the first ferret to fully emerge from the course at the other end being the winner. There are quite some anxious moments when the ferret starts to emerge, the crowd roars with delight and the ferret promptly retreats back into the course. The Henley-on-Mersey Management Committee continues to broaden the aquatic opportunities that are afforded by the staging of this event at Bells Parade.

The Betta Boat Land Race is again offered. Simply make a, Australiana land boat that you can run in and include the Betta Milk logo and race for your chance to win some great prizes.

Lots To Do!

Model boats will be raced on the water throughout the day. You might like to find out more about this and get involved.

There's a chance to try your hand at archery, something that doesn't look too difficult but those bulls eyes do seem a long way away when having a go.

Egg throwing can be a little messy and is best undertaken with someone that you trust. The trick with this is to cradle the catch of the egg.

The sheaf tossing tests your upper body strength as you use a three pronged fork to throw a bag of sheaf over a horizontal pole that is progressively raised. The winner is the sheaf that clears the greatest height.

Then there is the Hurdy Gurdy that tests the skills of the Scouts in its construction but is great fun to have a go on as well as their ball drop.

The Great Aussie Cherry Spit returns again this year. Hold onto your false teeth if attempting the Great Aussie Cherry Spit Competition!

An extensive wood chopping competition will be held throughout the day on what is touted to be the best wood chopping arena in Tasmania. Who will win the prestigious Henley Foot this year?

These and many more activities await your participation or perhaps you prefer to be a member of an appreciative audience.

Additionally, a number of food and refreshment outlets will cater for your many discerning appetites and through your support assists with the growth and development of Henley-on-Mersey.

So if you are young or old, active or inclined to sit back and be entertained, there is something for you at Henley-on-Mersey this Australia Day (January 26).

Admission is $5 for adults with $1.00 children, Under 5's, and ferrets FREE!. Participation in activities does incur a small charge with the opportunity to win some great prizes.

Australia Day Fun!

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Henley-on-Mersey is the municipality of Latrobe's celebration of Australia Day (26th January) held at the beautiful Bell's Parade each year. Branded; Food, Fun, Ferrets and Fitness indicates this event is designated a family day with activities for all. Coordinated by the Henley-on-Mersey Management Committee, a collaboration of the Rotary Club of Latrobe, Latrobe Lions Club and Latrobe Council.