Prize Winners

9.30am - 3.30pm ... 26th January, Bells Parade, Latrobe, TAS

Henley-on-Mersey Prize Winners!

Ferret Racing

1st - Alaska raced by Tahli

2nd - Tiny raced by Lee

3rd - MiniMe raced by Sarah
4th - Pearsey raced by Sienna

Prettiest Ferret Of The Day

Acacia owned by Liz

Celebrity Ferret Race

1st- Rebecca Cuthill with Boris
2nd - Jess Black with Pearsey
3rd - Jeremy Rockliff with Gypsy

Australia Day Citizen Awards

Citizen of the Year - Ron and Phillip Hedditch
Young Citizen of the Year - Hayley Crack
Community Event of the Year - NTFL/NWFL Grand Final hosted by the Latrobe Football Club

ANZAC Biscuit Competition

Senior 1st - Jeanette Jackson
Senior 2nd - Nola Treloar

Junior 1st - Emma Watson
Junior 2nd - Alexander Young

Whip Cracking

Novice - Champion – Dominic Burgess, 2nd - W W Thomson
Pee WeesChampion - Isaac Bramich, 2nd - Thomas Bramich, 3rd - Lilly Bannon
JuvenileChampion - Joseph Milburn, 2nd - W Thomson
JuniorChampion - Hudson Milburn, 2nd - Henry Bannon, 3rd - Bonnie Milburn
LadiesChampion - Traci Milburn, 2nd - Cailey Milburn, 3rd - Maryse Bannon
MensChampion - Brock Browning, 2nd - Divan Du Plisee
Bullock WhipChampion - Joseph Milburn, 2nd - Hudson Milburn, 3rd - Cailey Milburn
Best Whipcracker of the Day Champion - Joseph Milburn

Egg Tossing Competition

Mens - Mr Haines 70m
Womens - Lisa Evans and Susan Dolan - 15m
Boys - Kurt and Jeremy Heine - 29m
Girls - Penny and Anthony - 28m

Sheaf Tossing

Men - 1st - Kevin Williams 7m, 2nd - Keiren Harman 6.1m
Women - 1st - Chloe Temple 5.1m; 2nd - Tameika 5m
Boys - 1st - Lachlan Ford 5.5m; 2nd Brady 5.2m
Girls - 1st - Maya Harding 4.7m; 2nd - Annalyse Rayner 4.4m

Gumboot Throwing

Mens - Frank Ianuali 40m
Womens - Rachel David 24.3m
Boys (u/16) – Logan James 34.7m
Girls (u/16) - Tamika Joyce 18m

Crate Stack

James Lohrey with 14 crates

The Great Aussie Cherry Spit Competition

First Adult Male - M Johnstone and Thiago Borges - dead heat 13.18m
First Adult Female - C Thurley 10.55m
Under 16 - Joel Sharman 8.52m
Under 13 - Sam Brown 6.90m
Under 6 - Isabella Swain 1.43

Nearest the Pin Golf Competition

Men – Paul Beer 74
Ladiess – Tamille 33
Under 16 – Simon 34



Open Male
1st – Gabe Dennison 59:48
2nd – Lachlan Bonney 1:00:31
3rd – Declan Smith 1:00:35

Open Female
1st – Inighion Quinn 1:11:56
2nd – Sophie Moore 1:13:20
3rd – Sheila Barrett 1:13:34



1st – Axel Moore 33:30.8
2nd – Chris Law 35:02.7
3rd – Ethan Stretton 37:07.3

1st – Ella Boxhall 38:07.8
2nd – Darcy Miller 39:04.6
3rd – Chloe Smith 42:30.2


Kids Tri:

1st – Kye 19:22.8
2nd – Hannah 19:54.8
3rd – Conor 20:36.0

Wood Chopping

250mm Martin Wells Memorial Standing Handicap   
1st - Riley Sheehan
2nd - Gerald Stubbs
3rd - Mick Maine
4th - Kody Steers

250mm Veteran 1 Standing Handicap - 60 and over

1st - Kelvin Youd
2nd - Bill Youd
3rd - Stefan Kertez

325mm Underhand Championship

1st - Mitch Arnold
2nd - Matthew Gurr
3rd - Henry Maine
4th - Kody Steers

300mm Clayton Stewart Memorial Henley Foot

1st - Riley Sheehan
2nd - Stephen Rowe
3rd - Kelly Oakley
4th - Joshua Bakes

300mm Australian Standing Elimination Challenge

1st - Kody Steers
2nd - Stuart Reid
3rd - Stephen Foster
4th - Matthew Gurr

250mm Tuatahi Junior Underhand

1st - Tyson Rowe
2nd - Will Lovell
3rd - Blake Lovell

250mm Tuatahi Junior Standing

1st - Dylan Rowe
2nd - Tyson Rowe
3rd - Blake Lovell

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Henley-on-Mersey is the municipality of Latrobe's celebration of Australia Day (26th January) held at the beautiful Bell's Parade each year. Branded; Food, Fun, Ferrets and Fitness indicates this event is designated a family day with activities for all. Coordinated by the Henley-on-Mersey Management Committee, a collaboration of the Rotary Club of Latrobe, Latrobe Lions Club and Latrobe Council.